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Link Supply railway


Link Supply cooperates with several locomotive and train (mass transit and rolling stock) manufacturers and their sub-contractors. Our agile setup is a huge advantage specifically for these types of customers.

Link Supply energy distribution

Energy distribution

We are the supplier of a large number of products and services in the utility industry, domestically as well as abroad. We offer flexibility combined with a wide range of products from partners around the world. Our unique setup fulfills the needs and expectations from all our customers.

Link Supply industry


We are constantly adding new industrial customers to our portfolio. This is due to our agile low-cost setup and our network of global partners.

Link Supply offshore


The unique demands in this industry, where production stop is a complete no-go, require a focused effort from the supplier side. We are well-known for our agile and highly flexible setup, which guarantees that a production stop won’t happen on our watch.

Link Supply ship building

Ship building

We have a close collaboration with subcontractors, who supply systems and parts to the ship building industry, where the main part of the enterprise is located abroad.

Link Supply wind power

Wind power

The constant strive for savings and optimization in the supply chain is daily business in the turbine industry. We take up the challenge of becoming the leading supplier of mechanical parts and customer designed solutions.

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